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My first blog post, I shouldn’t be at a loss for words as this is writing about writing, but I feel close to that blank mind state that can creep up as I leap to the keyboard to get down the latest bit of inspiration. For me the bath can be a cruel instigator of such occasions.  Lying in warm, fragrant,relaxing water the ideas and phrases flutter round my brain, demanding to be released and immortalised. I leap from the water, relaxation replaced by urgent action and drip all over the keys while banal, unexciting and soon to be deleted phrases replace their inspired predecessors.


Creating this site I even got stuck on what the keywords should be. In desperation, with one word left to find, I typed in ‘arrow’. It just popped into my head as I have a kind of philosophy about firing arrows into the ether and one if them may land somewhere where it has an effect.  I bring this to mind when applying for work and also when putting my creative efforts out there.  I don’t know who might find this site by searching for ‘arrow’ but then you never know……


So, the book. Ideas for it have been growing for a while now. Previously I have looked into various writing method ideas, story and character planning and so on, but for me the best way seems to be just to sit and write and see what comes out. And sometimes what does come out is a total surprise.


About Verity R

Have had several different career paths but alongside them I have always been writing as well. I think I always will.
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