Expecting the unexpected

Deciding to write using a free flowing method has had unexpected consequences. Generally it has worked well, I just go with whatever comes to mind in the moment. If I have been in need of a name or something which needs researching I have used something like xxxx or put reminders in brackets and carried on so as not to stop the flow. In fact I currently have an xxxx and a zzzz needing names and a note to find out how to pronounce the Greek letter tau, not the sound of it but the letter name. (If anyone knows I would be grateful for the info.)

The unexpected effect of this method of writing has been unexpected happenings. I will be tapping away and then all of a sudden an idea will flash across my mind and, almost before I know it, sneak down into my fingertips and arrive in the story.

I have acquired three new characters in this way, who then have to be dealt with. I am happy with that as I didn’t want the story to be underpopulated. Maybe not having all the characters defined before starting could be frowned on but it seems to be working for me so far.

More disturbing are the unexpected events that take place. Characters have suddenly said something, or found something, or done something that catches me out. I then have to stop while the new turn of events has a chance to settle in. I have not yet taken out any of these interlopers. Actually I am quite pleased with them.

Now I have started to expect the unexpected to happen and I look forward to finding out myself where the story will go next. Of course I know the overall story although I have to admit I am not entirely sure how it will end yet. I hope my expectation will not serve to subdue the pop ups. Before I worry about that I have to deal with the disappearance of a character I had thought would be around for a lot longer. Still, I have my main character. As long as nothing happens to her……..

Footnote: I have passed the 10,000 word mark. Thank you for the support and encouragement. It really helps 😀


About Verity R

Have had several different career paths but alongside them I have always been writing as well. I think I always will.
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