Distraction and Deviation

A blank page moment faced me as I started this post. The answer seemed to be to write that fact as the first sentence and see what follows. I do know why it is really, I have been easily distracted since my break from writing and from my iPad.

I have to say I didn’t miss the iPad as much as I thought I would. I didn’t even use the iPhone as an alternative – I let it have a holiday and just be a phone for a bit which I am sure it enjoyed. On my return I was curious to see how I reacted to the reunion. I was quite tired and needed to unpack and settle in. So it was about……. two hours before I picked it up, just to look at a couple of things….

Now I am back to the usual usage and this has caused some of the distraction and deviation which have given this post it’s title. I had time to think a bit while I was in a different, lovely place. I had one idea for a little adjustment to the Invisus story and I have managed to make that amendment. But I was also thinking about my day to day job and the fact that it is contract based and may come to an end. In addition I started thinking about previously written work and artwork I have done and kept in a folder. I talked about firing arrows in my first post (having a go at lots of things and making lots of contacts to see what happens). A few new arrows seemed to be asking to head off into the ether.

iPad safely back in hand, one distraction that caused me to deviate from writing Invisus was spending some time registering on Redbubble. I am in the process of uploading a few designs to be available for products. My ID on there is VeeJR if you fancy a look – I will post a link when I have it better organised but, to my joy, I sold a greetings card the very next day. There have been no further sales as yet but that one, along with a few views, was enough to encourage me to stick with it. I hadn’t really told anyone about it so I don’t think it was a friend but you never know – the Internet is so clever at telling on you that I suppose it could be someone I know. Even if it is it means I have a friend prepared to spend real money on my design.

Redbubble also offers a ‘journal’ blog which was an additional distraction as I wanted to write a post about my work and the fact that I am hoping to be able to offer more products soon.

Another deviation that has distracted me has been looking at websites where you can register as an author to write articles for business. It looks like there may not be regular work, nor are they particularly lucrative but may be worth a shot. I am going to fire a couple more arrows and register with a couple. I will report back on those too.

Now the little nagger is telling me I need to write some more of Invisus, and I am arguing that I need to deviate and do this other stuff. Randomly I also feel an urge to do some sewing or more artwork. I suppose a lot has happened to inspire me, which is great. This is really positive and I need to be careful not to lose sight of this positive thinking phase because I am approaching that state where there is too much in my head demanding attention. I could reach the point, as has happened before, where I am immobilised by it all and end up not able to do anything at all.

What to do? Make a coffee I think and then………..


About Verity R

Have had several different career paths but alongside them I have always been writing as well. I think I always will.
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