Action or retreat

Apologies to any die hard readers still out there for the long long gap since my last blog.  I have been writing when I can but have put the limited amounts of writing time and energy I have been able to muster into keeping Invisus going. Even that is slow progress. I try to make sure I write some thing every week but even that is becoming a challenge.

I am not going to dwell on that though as this blog seemed to be becoming a bit heavy going and I would rather write to entertain, challenge, interest, amuse or even maybe one day inspire.

This post is to ask for your advice and if you are willing to share the post to help me get more opinions that would be great too.

Up to now I have not given much thought to how I would attempt to breakthrough into the publishing world with Invisus. It is currently about 32,000 words and there is plenty of story left to tell so I had left that for the future.

However, I have come across two possible options for an early submission of it for consideration. One is a competition for a book from a new, unpublished writer. The prize is a good amount of money but more importantly the printed publication and promotion of the book. They are asking for an outline and the first 10,000 words by January.

The second option is from what looks like quite quirky e-publishers who are taking submissions (doesn’t need to be finished) until December. They are not a self-publishing company and do not ever ask for any money they say. The want new titles and will promote on the web.

Decisions, decisions.

There is a big part of me that really wants to see Invisus as a printed book. I can almost visualise it, smell it and feel the emotions of holding it in my hands. There again, would I stand a better chance of being accepted for e-publication?

It is hard to put your work out there – put your self out there – to be accepted or rejected. I have done that before with projects and keeping that belief in your work going is challenging.

The stories of authors who are now revered after frequent rejections from publishers are well known, and that does help the belief that whoever rejects you just doesn’t get what you are trying to do. Actually to be honest they are, of course, just wrong! Aren’t they?

So what to do? Go for the enticing publishing deal and battle it out with thousands, tens of thousands, millions of others? After all, someone has to win and if they don’t choose me they will have made a big mistake! Or go for the e-publishing which probably is the future of books whether we like it or not?

Or should I just retreat, take the pressure off myself, wait until it is finished and hope there is an opportunity then?

What do you think?


About Verity R

Have had several different career paths but alongside them I have always been writing as well. I think I always will.
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4 Responses to Action or retreat

  1. Dave Ward says:

    Any option to present it to both and withdraw the web based one if the publisher running the competition accepts yours?

  2. Personally, I’d suggest holding off on this sort of thing until your manuscript is closer to completion. Thinking about publishers too early is a surefire way to freeze yourself up; I’ve read advice to that effect in the past and can vouch for it myself, too.

    • Verity R says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. I was a bit thrown by these two avenues coming to light at this point and I am afraid of missing out! Maybe I’ll wait and see where I am in another couple of months.

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